Montag, 17. August 2015

Urban Discoveries - Toronto & Calgary

Hey guys!
Like I promised, here I am, back with a new trip to tell you about!
And it is…. Drums please.. CANADA!
But isn't Canada.. Like.. Cold!? - See I can read your mind. Yes it might be, but certainly not in summer. We started off our trip in Toronto which was hot as - plus the fact that it's located right by Lake Ontario makes it pretty humid too. So anyone planning on going there in mid summer: Pack light clothes. Otherwise Toronto felt like a never ending city to me, whether it's downtown or the suburbs, it's just huge & gives you that feeling of blending into the crowd. We only stayed for 3 days so we didn’t get to see all parts of the city but still I feel like there are so many different cultures that you could go for a spin around the world if you visited them all. 
Apart from that we visited the Niagara falls, which are only like a 2 hour drive away from the city. I guess I don’t have to tell you that they’re pretty impressive, check out the photos for more!
Our next stop was Calgary which, just having seen Toronto, felt pretty small and I feel like there wasn't a lot going on in town, every one just seemed to have disappeared after 8 pm. I have to admit though that I don't know what it’s like on the weekends. 
After walking the city on our first day there, we spent the second one driving around the country side. Which in Alberta is pretty much a grid of roads with fields in-between and a couple of small villages & farms, which was actually a nice change to Germany. And it seems like each one of those small towns has made up a reason to go there, what seems to be pretty popular is „The biggest…“ On our way through Canada we passed the biggest black diamond and the biggest flying route, however, we did miss the biggest potato.  
There are quite a couple of things I noticed straight away after getting to Calgary. For example the cars. They're just HUGE, like seriously what do you guys use all these pick up trucks for?! We’ve been in Canada for 3 Weeks & still the only explanations I have for that are that either everyone in Alberta goes hunting or has one of those mobile homes to stick on your pick up and make an RV out of it. 
Moreover downtown Calgary is basically a network - The buildings have covered bridges in-between them so that in winter you can go through whole downtown without even stepping outside.
I guess they really need those though since sometimes not even the roads in town are free of snow. Though life aye?!

Lunch on the CN tower:

Mini version of the tower!

Dowwntown Toronto:

Niagara falls: 


Looks old right?! Well it's not.

Heritage museum

 On the road:

Abandoned railway bridge
Hard to decide..

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Dubai - Back in Business

Hey guys!

Back in business? Oh yesss. At least blogging business. As some of youse might have already seen on Facebook I've decided to start blogging again since there'll be some traveling going on this year. And to all of you guys who've asked me to write in english so you can keep up with not only the photos but the written parts too, here ya go.
With this said, let's get to the fun stuff!
Have you ever gone to the airport with your bags packed & just bought the first ticket you could get? No? Cause you definitely should.
That's what my mum and I did & because you're obviously dying to know: We ended up in Dubai.
I know there's a lot of prejudice about the Arabic countries and even if you're an open minded person, there's still stuff you think about, especially as a woman, like clothing & behavior.
From all I can say there's no problem with that, dresses & skirts are totally fine, even if they don't cover your shoulders and/or knees, you just might get some extra stares. Which doesn't mean you should be wearing provocative clothes on purpose, you're still in a foreign country & respecting the country's culture you're visiting is part of travelling.
Since it was only a short get away we only had 3 days there & here's how we've spent them:
We arrived in the morning and the temperature was already at 35°C so we decided to just lay by the pool till mid afternoon when we got picked up for a drive through the desert which was quite fun. At first it feels a bit like drifting on snow but once you get to the proper sand dunes it feels more like a roller coaster. After that we had dinner and watched the sunset from sort of a little fort village in the desert.
On our second day we got a driver which is actually quite affordable compared to Europe and it actually makes more sense taking cabs than the public transport since they're quite cheap & you really don't wanna walk through the heat till the next bus stop. Apart from people commuting there's barely anyone outside during the day, even the locals which I haven't seen as much, usually only go outside after around 9pm.
Preferably around the fountains next to the Burj Khalifa & the Dubai mall, which was the next point to get ticked off our list. The mall itself feels like an own town to me, it's ginormous & has things like a huge aquarium & a waterfall inside but what I liked best about the area was the view of the fountains at night with the Burj in the background. I know fountains don't really sound that great & to be honest I'm not into that sort of stuff either but those ones are actually amazing, plus there's a big yes to having that view with your dinner.
We started our last day with getting a bit of a tan at the beach & then headed towards Dubai's old village with its creek & the spice markets.
So if you're looking for a short & sunny vacation from Europe it's the perfect place to go, it only rains like three or four times a year so the there's nearly no chance of having bad weather while you're visiting. There's really a lot to see, it goes from amazing(!) buildings to pretty beaches & I think there's only a few things you can't do in Dubai, they have pretty much everything you can come up with if you get bored of simply having $$$, even an ice rink and a skiing slope. Trust me, you'll be amazed about all the stuff you can build in a desert. If you're coming from a country that's a lot further than Europe like the US or Australia, a lot of flights to Thailand or Europe have a stop over in Dubai so it'd definitely be worth it stoping over there for a couple of days before reaching your final destination if you can fit it in.

Gotta keep up with the actual biz now, hope you guys liked it!


& now have a look yourselves:

Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall

The Creek, Dubai's old part:

All sorts of stuff: